Shoes shoes shoes

A girl can never ever ever eva have too many shoes. I discovered this amazing website Traffic Footwear through a friend and spotted some lovely lovely things on the sale page. How disastrous. Anyway, these brightly colours wedges were going for $19.95 and I just had to have them, so pretty.



Now I just have to look for outfits to match! Really love these shoes. I wore them out to dinner one night and then realized they’re really quite high because I kinda towered everyone else and was just about the same height as my fiance. Wearing it with a maxi dress however, could make me look like the longest, slimmest thing on earth which is fantastic!

Pantene Pro-V Night Miracle Leave-on Creme Serum

I’ve read a few good reviews for Pantene Pro-V Night Miracle Leave on Creme Serum and decided to purchase it. At $8.95 for a 90mL bottle it’s a pretty good price point. I was however disappointed with the product. Perhaps it is not suited to my hair but it is rather rich and the smell is off putting. I found my hair seems to remain damp and heavy looking and when I run my fingers through my hair there is residue that leaves my hand a big greasy. The overall health of my hair has not improved and I don’t think the product did much for me. My hair still tangles and the dry frizzy bits are still there. I have long fine hair but a lot of it.


Rating: 2/5

Max Factor Liquid Effect Eyeliner

I’ve tried this eyeliner a couple of times at work and I’ve been eyeing it for a while, waiting for it go on special. I finally couldn’t wait anymore and purchased two! Retailing at $18.95, I had high hopes for a smooth and easy application as I’m not a huge fan of poking, prodding and dragging my eyelids. No no no sag please! I bought the purple and green one to try. I don’t normally use green amid its suitability to my skin tone. In fact I don’t often use light colours near the lash line because I have one eyelid that is droopier than the other and light colours make it more obvious. I’ve heard and read mixed reviews about this eyeliner, mostly negative. I must say I wasn’t too disappointed.

It wasn’t exactly liquid effect but it applied rather smoothly and easily. I did however find myself having to go over it a few times in order for the colour to really come out, not very pigmented . The eyeliner smudger isn’t fantastic, it’s quite rough and irritates my lid so back to good old finger! It stayed on well enough for me and didn’t smudge. Using an eye primer or base does help to reduce creases and smudging. Actually after I took this photo I think I need to change my mascara, it’s starting to dry and clump but that’s a different story.

Overall I was reasonably happy with my purchase but it isn’t great quality. I did expect better plus I’m going through the pencil quicker than usual because of having to draw a few layers each time.

Score: 3/5

Virtual Wedding Planner

Hello again lovelies! I’ve had a busy week with tasks and to do lists coming out of my ears. I’m sure a lot of you are glad it’s Friday, ready to kick up your shoes and have fun this weekend. Some of you might be planning a wedding and are perhaps going venue hunting or if you’re like me, investing time in virtual planning. That’s right! Today it’s no longer as difficult to plan your own wedding. In fact a lot of brides want to because they get to choose exactly what they want and build up the excitement towards the wedding. I’d like to share some amazing websites with you guys! There’s plenty of tips, photos, DIY ideas and templates. Some of them even have a budget planner, checklist and directories of suppliers which comes in really handy when you’re trying to get the best quote.

Easy weddings

Australian Wedding

Wedding Central

Bride Online

Martha Stewart Weddings

My Wedding

Martha Stewart’s one was one of my personal favourites. There are so many ideas and it’s easy to navigate. You can search by colour theme if you like. Go crazy girls! Have fun virtual planning.

Oh and last but not least – Google Images is amazing!

Fire Red with Glitter

Hello lovelies. I hope the Easter bunny has been kind. I’m not huge on chocolate so by now I’ve got this pile of chocolate that will probably sit there for the next year. Back to continuing my New Year’s resolution of losing weight and getting fitter – not achieving either very well so far. What I am achieving though is my other resolution of using stuff. That’s right, amazing idea I know. Using up stuff I’ve bought or acquired that just sit there looking pretty for some rainy day or beauty emergency that never happens.

Weather in Adelaide was a little less than ideal this Easter with the winds, intermittent rain and clouds, I decided to go bright with my nail polish to chirp myself up a bit. I used the Ulta3 Fire Red again – 2 coats and topped it with a coat of glitter polish by Ozotic no. 530 which I got from my Bella Box. Don’t forget the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top CoatFeeling hot hot hot!

Ozotic is a small Australian company which I believe is based in Queensland but their polish does not lack in quality. It applies well and stays on for a decent amount of time. I previously used it on my toes and it lasted 3 weeks (though fingers don’t often last that long). I know this is a glitter one but it is incredibly glossy even before the top coat. I just wanted the top coat so it would dry quicker. Will be on the look out for more Ozotic polishes in the future.